Vampire Cafe

Vampire Cafe, Ginza, Tokyo

I have come to understand that Tokyo is an amazing city with culture meeting the modern age.

Thanks to my son and his girlfriend I have visited many places that I would not have attempted on my own. For example that parks, shrines and temples. But, also the other side of Tokyo and electric city, animal cafes (very very strange), maid cafes (at which point I went home!!!!).

I have a favorite cafe that I wish to share, but before I do, I would like to stress I have been working and sight seeing and unfortunately over the past few days I have been rather unwell (hence my lack of posts), however following a couple of days in bed and no running for over 5 days :( feeling much better :)

My favorite cafe is of course the Vampire Cafe, some pictures below, and in one I think I look a bit demonic myself:


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