Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

The first two weeks of my Winston Churchill Fellowship have flown past! I have finished my time in Auckland, which has been so full, interesting and developed my thinking regarding dementia within the prison setting and the importance of understand a prisoner's culture.

My meetings included colleagues at both the University of Auckland, and Auckland University of Technology: Dr Julia Slark and Professor Stephen Neville.

I have the opportunity to visit the war museum and learn about the history of New Zealand and colonization, and the Treaty of Waitangi, and the customs of the Maori. Within the museum there is an opportunity to enter a Maori meeting house and the beautiful carvings.

  One of the main objectives of my Winston Churchill Fellowship is to understand how prisons support people with dementia, and I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to the heads of healthcare across correctional facilities in Auckland and visit Auckland South Corrections Facility. This correctional facility was purpose built and only opened in 2015, and allowed me to understand what is possible, but very difficult to replicate in a prison in England that was first opened in 1809!

I am learning so much on my fellowship, including the discussions with other academics here in New Zealand, which are challenging my original thoughts on dementia and the prison setting and possible ways to support prisoners with dementia. One example I am excited to learn more about concerns clinical nurse leadership, which as a nurse is close to my heart, and I can understand how this would support the development of care and treatment for all prisoners, not just those with dementia.

Lastly, I am missing a heatwave back in England, but the rain and rainbows here are captivating.

Now off to Wellington for a week, before travel to Australia. I will aim to blog more often!


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