Alzheimer's Disease International Conference 2018 - first day

Alzheimer's Disease International Conference 2018 - first day

This conference, is the one conference I will always attend the combination  of scientists, healthcare professionals, people with dementia and their care partners all presenting together is very powerful. The Dementia Alliance International is run by people with dementia for people with dementia is equally represented at this conference, which is very humbling, inspiring and so informative and thought provoking.

Today, speakers from DAI opening ceremony included John Sandbolm and today's plenary session, Christine Thelker, and later Jerry Wylie. I have included some of their thought providing slides below:

In the afternoon there was also a session on exploring the impact of dementia for people from different cultures. One of which I was very interested in after my recent visit to New Zealand was an understanding of the Maori people regarding dementia and if the current health pathways supported Maori people. I learnt some of the Maori language - this is important to support my work in understanding cultural diversity within the prison setting and those with dementia, especially in New Zealand where there is a high percentage of Maori in prison.


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