STTI Congress, Melbourne

STTI Congress Melbourne,

This week on my Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship, I am attending the STTI. I was slightly disappointed that there was nothing with regards to nurses leading care within the prison setting, which highlights why this is such an important area to develop. Therefore, my focus was understanding providing care for a culturally diverse population and apply this to the prison setting, with this reference there were some very interesting and applicable presentation!!

Sessions included:
- Cultural competency in nursing education
- Culturally diverse care
- Culturally diversity in the nursing workforce
- Healthcare for migrant populations
- Student nurse perceptions of vulnerable populations
- Care competencies for the older patients

A great conference and such interesting conversations, and thought provoking - I have a number of papers and books I am going to read to further my understand. Thank you to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for providing me with this time to think...

Some pictures:
- the conference banner
- conference setting
- bridge I crossed each day to attend the conference, such a great location
- the cultural element of this conference


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