Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

My fourth week of my travels, time is going so fast. This week I am in Sydney being hosted by the University of Technology Sydney and Professor Debra Jackson. I have had the opportunity to meet some great academics and discuss the development of a number of projects and exchange some important ideas.

During my visit I of course visited a prison, but this time in the form of a museum! Interesting history and understanding of how culture has been addressed within the prison setting in Australia. Also, found a couple of books I wanted to buy, however only purchased one due to my continuing travels and already feel the need to buy another suitcase :O

I was also fortunate to have some time to explore Sydney as this is my first ever visit, and this included the Sydney Opera House, Manly Island and of course the zoo to see some of the Australia wild life - I would really recommend the zoo!

Next stop Melbourne...


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